Of pearls and stars

11:42:00 Charles Wood 0 Comments

Closed as a sea shell,
now lay open like a book.
Strings of pearls now a sphere of lies.
He reached to pull out his pocket watch.
The timely reminder from his father, carried her face opposite the other.
That tiny thing was all he'd have of them.

He could swear the curl on her smile grew wider,
but could he blame her?
He'd long for the sun on a rainy day too,
greed, temptation and lust to name a few.
But would he?
He let out a sigh as the sun vanished behind the horizon.

He looked up, he knew that she'd be a star in somebody else's sky.
A crescent white hope lingered though,
not as bright as her brother.
It seemed like the night loved him more than anyone else.
They had an equilibrium.
The moon knew all his darkest fears and the night her warmth and light.
They found love in a hopeless place, he thought.
A place very much like his.

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