Kingfisher Draught: India's best attempt at canned Draught beers

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Kingfisher is India's highest selling beer brand. Kingfisher Draught is a draught beer which is available in pints and cans and they cost about Rs. 100(per can) at the time of writing this blog. Though Kingfisher as a brand may have it's beers available in most of the wine shops across India, the Draught variation may be more or less easy to find. It is not easy to review draught beers when they come in cans or bottles, since they just imply that they taste like they are from kegs. For this reason, I'd refrain to compare Kingfisher Draught with a real draught beer from the keg.

Appearance: 3.5/5
The color is light golden to a light yellow with moderate to less carbonation. You get about a half a finger of a very frothy beer head. The beer head stays for quite a while as compared to the other Kingfisher beer variants.

Aroma: 2/5
Kingfisher Draught has a very light hoppy smell to it with a hint of grainy malt. The aroma is pretty mild, hence the preferred beer for a person who's just starting to develop a taste for beers in India.

Taste: 2.5/5
The taste can be best defined as the closest you are going to get to a draught beer out of a can. It is very mild and leaves a smooth lingering aftertaste. The beer feels crisp and refreshing. The taste starts fading out as it nears room temperature, I'd suggest to chug this one down as quickly as you can. The fact that it has comparatively less carbonation does not help it and it feels flat if you leave it out for some time.

Mouthfeel: 3/5
The mouthfeel is pretty ordinary, nothing spectacular here. While the mild taste does keep the bitterness low, the overall feel of the beer is a bit crisp and grainy.

Overall: 3/5
This one is my personal favourites and the most ordered in a bar. The mild taste along with the light golden color is something that draws me towards this one. However I'd dock a few points for the mediocre mouthfeel and aroma.  If it's the first time you're trying a Kingfisher Draught, I'd strongly advise to finish it within 15 minutes of opening the can/pint and make suer that it's chilled. This one makes for a pretty good company on a lazy summer evening or any of the 365 days along with a pizza.

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