Peroni: A preium Italian Lager beer

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Peroni beer

Peroni is a premium Italian Lager made by the Peroni Brewery. A pint in India at this point of time costs Rs. 120 and is available at any of the premium wine shops. Though it is an international beer, it is manufactured in India by the Sab Miller group.

Appearance: 4/5
The color is crystal clear light and one of the best lager color tones I have seen till now. The carbonation is moderate and leaves about one or one and a half finger, bright white foam.The foam deflated a bit too quickly for my liking but it did leave a thin white film on the head.

Aroma: 2/5
The beer when opened has a very strong hoppy smell. The aroma is a bit metallic and somewhat smells like weed. Once you let it settle, you are treated to an aroma of grainy malts, grassy spiced hops and maybe a hint of corn. The aroma is intense and I did not find it impressive.

Taste: 2.5/5
The taste is best described as bland, no real flavor to it. You can't help but notice that the taste is very similar to it's smell. You get a hint of grainy toasted malts at first and the bitterness of hops contiues to linger through. The beer feels very crisp and refreshing albeit with a bitter aftertaste. The lager, like most of the others, starts to wear down on the taste as it gets warm, I'd suggest to finish it before it hits 40% of the room temperature.

Mouthfeel: 3.5/5
Even though the taste was mediocre. the mouth feel of Peroni was a pleasant surprise. It has a fairly good amount of carbonation and a good texture and has a light, thin and dry feel. This did lift the experience for me.

Overall: 3/5
Definitely not the worst beer I've tasted and not the best as well. I would've probably rated it a bit higher, had it not been for the metallic smell and taste. I did expect a lot from the beer and was a bit disappointed from what it had to offer. On the other hand though, the appearance is definitely the best in the lagers I have seen till date. The crisp, clean and light mouth feel will definitely have me for it at the bar occasionally. The beer definitely goes well with Italian food and anything moderately spicy.

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