Into the Sahyadris: Sudhagad Trek

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Sudhagad, also know as Bhorapgad is a hill fort situated in the Sudhagad Wildlife Sanctuary. It is about 110 kms from Mumbai and about 132 kms from Pune. The fort lies in the Raigad district of Maharashtra.

[table color="theme1"]
[row] [col]Location[/col] [col]Lonavala, Maharashtra[/col] [/row]
[row] [col]Base Village[/col] [col]Thakurwadi[/col] [/row]
[row] [col]Height[/col] [col]1935 ft[/col] [/row]
[row] [col]Difficulty Level[/col] [col]2/5[/col] [/row]
[row] [col]Duration[/col] [col]2 Hrs[/col] [/row]
[row] [col]Season[/col] [col]Monsoon / Summer / Winter[/col] [/row]

[item title="History"]
The fort is said to be as ancient as the Thanale Caves and Khadsamble caves nearby, which dates back to the 2nd century BC. Prior to it's capture by the Marathas in 1657, the fort was called Bhopargad. The Marathas renamed the fort to "Sudhagad" meaning "The sweet one". Sudhagad is a large fort and was considered by Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj to be the capital of his kingdom but he chose Raigad because of geographic reasons.

During the Peshwa rule, the ‘Pantsachivas’ of Bhor became the custodians of this fort. After the annexation of princely states in 1950 the fort became patron less. Hence the fort is in a state of ruins, even though it was never captured by the Britishers.

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