Maybe someday

10:08:00 Charles Wood 0 Comments

He continued walking
Pausing randomly for an occasional glance at the sun
It hung low, casting a dullness like an oil lamp running out
He looked back over his shoulder
The footsteps he traced were a stark reminder of her
The waves left no stone unturned to wipe them clean
Yet, like her, most of them were adamant and stayed put
Every grain of sand on his sole, felt like a burst of emotions in his head
He looked around....couples everywhere...
Hand in hand, they walked without a care in the world
He smirked, he knew what they didn't.
He knew, what probably she didn't.
He looked back at the sun again
Even the now faint globe of light hurt his eyes
The light reminded him of her eyes.
Blazing hard, yet so distant.
What it hid, was so much more than it seemed.
Why, was not a question but an echoing reality
Just like the sea could not marry the shore,
but visits her every time he gets.
Maybe. Some day.

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