In the woods

16:48:00 Charles Wood 0 Comments

He was in his elements in the woods.
The birds, the occasional chirps never made him feel alone.
The feeling of touching upon a square of Earth that no one else has stepped on, gave him a high, better than any other high.

For in this moment, there was no one who could hurt him. Even himself.
It's true, loneliness felt intimidating but here it was liberating.
He could hear every leaf rustle. A Melody his heart would beg to listen every week-day.

He could hear his heart beat too, a reminder that it'd beat for eons, should he stay still.
A sight before his eyes which only he could see in this brief passage of time.
Ubiquitous, like an eye in the sky. 
He wondered if anyone could feel what he felt at this moment.

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