To the one who walked away

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So one fine day, she finally decided to walk away.
Walk away with all her care and love, just another page turned.
A moment of everything and then nothing at all.
He could not quite take in the loss of a massive pillar in an already shaky life.

He could see people on the other side of the river.
He recognises them, a smile and a tear rolls down his cheek.
He could wave out to them, shout for help.
Unfortunately for him though, they aren't looking his way.
They are looking at the Sun, shining bright.
He tries to look at it too, the brightness hurts his eyes.
He looks away, he looks back.

She's standing there in all her grace.
She isn't facing him but she's not looking away either.
He approaches her, knowing not what to say.
An arms reach behind her, he stops.
He contemplates a lot of things.
The pain, the agony and the love.
Of all the things he should've told her.
Unspoken words will haunt him for the rest of his life.

He tries to reach out to her.
A matter of raising an arm.
Every muscle in his body gives away.
Every cell in his body protests the impending pain.
Yet he finds her with a gentle tap on her slender shoulder.

He struggles to find a word to say.
Never liked goodbyes and it was harder than he thought.
"I'll be sound. It is time for you to light up somebody else's life."
With that, he leaves.

He looks around, he's got mountains to climb.
It's going to be a long journey.
He look's by his side, he still has three pillars with him.
Two of them made him the man he is.
The other is the one he will grow with.

She will always be remembered.
He shrugs it off, he won't and he can't stop now.
He knows of a path that will lead him to her again.
He knows the way but in the long run you can still change the path you're on.

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